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Lysedie's Story

Published on 9 February, 2018

Lysedie is my name unfortunately I never had a chance to ask my mother why she gave me such a name. But as I grew up and really curious on what the name meant, at least I got to learn that she wished for me to be light! For a young man like me who had been supported by a family like home such as SOS Children’s Villages, it is so unbelievable that I am now awaiting to graduate by year end. Yes, me, the child who grew up without parents, the child whom everyone due to being orphaned would never see the gate of a University, indeed at one point I thought they were right, after all every child had a parent except me. Each time I sit to reflect on where I come from and how my journey had been I grow to learn and appreciate the life choices I made as I was growing up alone without parents and basically raising myself. I often ask myself, what is it in the best interest of every child from a humble background? Listen to what I have to say and know exactly why I had to ink down on paper this experience. It is because they need more than a roof over their head, clothes and the food. They need champions.”

I am not sure how old you are or the circumstances of your life, but as an orphaned child, now an adult, I think life is what you make of it. My mother was only 30 years when I lost her, my father was 33 years and I was 10 years, and it was now a reality that at that age I was now a double orphan. As I grew I sometimes would have deep sad memories and fears, but I also had an incredible sense of survival. I told myself that whatever my situation or circumstance I am amazing. I am very giving and empathetic to others, in particular those who struggle in life. I am a survivor, who does not define himself from his past and upbringing or what some would call unfortunate circumstances. In general, what I am trying to say is, whatever the case, you can rise to the occasion and be the best that you want to be or you can succumb to your inner feelings and despair and feel sorry for yourself. 


I choose to enjoy life, appreciate all that I am and have in my life.  I also do not want people to pity me because it is through my storms that I was able to have my character built.   Please know it is OK to have some sorrow over what life throws to us, but never make fear, sadness, and anger a healthy place to stay. I choose to be positive and happy, as I know many people that have had both parents present in their lives and are still unhappy.  Therefore, that tells me that if I was not determined in what I wanted, it could still mean unhappy. Never use that as your excuse to have a chip on your shoulder and be angry at the world.  Your birth parents obviously could not care for you and have up their rights.  Not ideal, but you are reality. I believe you need to show the world what an amazing soul you are, in spite of your upbringing or background.  Turn lemons into lemonade! 


Don't you think you owe it to yourself to be happy? Perhaps volunteering at a shelter or children's hospital or nursing home can help fill your empty void.  You probably have much to give and learn. So it is a win win situation. Sometimes you find the best things in life in strangest places. Life is all about living not existing, meaning that you have to be remembered when you time has come and not forgotten. I always tell myself that I want to live a legacy, bring smiles in other people’s faces. Be the change you want to see in the outside world. I have proven that it is not where you came from that matters, it is the mark you leave while you are here, that people will remember you by when you are gone. I am sharing my story because were it not for SOS Children’s Villages, I probably would not have even known how to construct even a sentence to begin to share my story with you.

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