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Human Resources

Human Resource Standards

Consistent Staffing Patterns

SOS Children’s villages Swaziland’s national staffing patterns are developed for all facilities, based on international guidelines. These provide a general frame within which recruitment can be undertaken and other human resource plans can be made. This enables the right number of people to be employed in the right positions to meet the needs of the children.

Motivating Employment Package

Salaries and benefits must be sufficient to attract and motivate staff who meet the professional needs of the organisation. Reward structures are designed to reinforce the partnership and sense of community that bind all staff members.

Transparent Salary System

A clearly defined salary system is established in every National Association. All staff members are paid according to an approved salary scale in order to ensure objectivity and consistency and to facilitate budget control.

Clear Job Descriptions

Every staff member is provided with a concise job description. Through this, employees can clearly understand their responsibilities and role in the organisation enabling them to set realistic work objectives, to work in partnership with co-workers, and to act independently within a clearly defined frame of responsibility.

Professional Recruitment Process

All potential employees are formally interviewed and screened before any offer of employment is made.  This ensures that they possess the necessary skills, experience and attitudes to meet the organisation’s professional standards.

Complete Employment Documentation

All new staff receive a contract of employment and written conditions of service based on local employment laws and normal working practices within the country. This provides a sense of confidence and security and demonstrates the organisation’s respect for its employees. A confidential personnel file is kept for every staff member.

Orientation of New Employees

A formal orientation programme is conducted for each new staff member providing an overview of the SOS Children’s Village Organisation as well as the staff member’s tasks and responsibilities. This builds commitment and responsibility by giving staff a deeper understanding of the organisation and the significance of their own contribution.

Regular Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal discussions between the staff member and his or her manager are held at least once a year to review progress, provide support and encouragement, and agree on work objectives. Each individual’s contribution is recognised and opportunities for growth and improvement are identified leading to greater commitment. The results of the appraisal are documented in the staff member’s personnel file.

Commitment to Staff Development

The training and development needs of all staff members are assessed annually together with their performance appraisal. An adequate budget is planned to ensure that all staff members receive regular needs-based training to maximise their contribution and to build greater responsibility. Where possible, people are promoted from within the organisation.

The SOS Mother Profession is built

SOS Mothers are recognised as child-care professionals. Each SOS Mother receives comprehensive training and is supported to develop the skills required to care for her children. Conditions of service are provided which reflect the professional status of the SOS Mother and encourage a long-term commitment to the children. These include housing, health care and retirement provisions.

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