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Fund & Development Communications

The Fundraising office responsible for and supports the various fundraising programmes/initiatives and staff in achieving objectives of moving the National Association towards a sustainable path by raising the National Association’s fund portfolio. The Fundraiser’s office also maintains a positive external image of the Association by pursuing opportunities in order to increase the public recognition, foster a positive image, strengthen brand awareness, credibility and acceptance. Through strategic public relations activities and programmes, the Fundraiser ensures that the National Association is financially supported from local sources. S/he works in close partnership with the National Director and the Regional Director on issues of regional and international interest (may be required to work directly with the Board of Governors in fund development initiatives).

Role of the office

Develop an internal and external fundraising strategy in alignment with the overall NA management strategy and positioning; plan, implement and monitor the strategy. It is the responsibility of the Fundraiser to secure local support through donations. Plans should be compiled in consultation with the National Director, outlining the fund raising activities of programme locations and those of the National Office. Research potential donor companies and organizations that can be approached for donations and und development. Prepare proposals, forward to relevant targeted organizations and corporates, and ensure appropriate and timely follow up. Work with the National Director, Programme Directors, Finance and in-kind fundraiser to ensure the proper handling of in-kind donations received, as per the policies relating thereto.In consultation with the Programme Directors and Youth Leaders, secure apprenticeships, internships, and vacation employment for SOS youth with sponsor companies/organizations.


Develop an internal and external communications strategy in alignment with the overall NA management strategy and positioning; plan, implement and monitor the strategy.Ensure that any messages to the media or other bodies reflect the image required by the organization. Coordinate with the National Director in supporting and guiding any national activities that take place.Closely cooperate with the National Director, the National Programme Development Coordinator and National Advocacy and Gender Officer to pursue a consistent message about the organisation and its mission and activities.

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