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One Lilangeni Campaign

Purpose of Campaign

The ONE-LILANGENI campaign is a fundraising strategy that will better improve the lives of the children in need through diversified funding markets. SOS Children’s Villages will mobilize different companies, corporate institutions, cooperatives and individual givers to raise awareness on the situation of the child and seek that every Swazi donates 1 LILANGENI and that services companies contribute 1 LILANGENI per product/service sale in support of the SOS Children’s Villages efforts. 

All contributions will go towards implementing activities that contributes to the following strategic initiatives:

  • We are going to improve the SOS Villages Eswatini National Association fund development unit capacity to raise 2 Million Emalangeni by December 2017.
  • We shall give a voice to our target group and increase our advocacy impact. By 2030, we shall be able to continuously contribute to improving public policies for our target group in the country.
  • We are going to create a movement by mobilising people for quality child-care and spreading our experience and knowledge.
  • We want to be a simple and agile organization which spends a larger share of our resources on supporting children and young people.

One Lilangeni Campaign Description

The One Lilangeni Campaign will be a mass mobilization campaign, where SOS Children’s Villages implores,

  • ALL citizens to donate at least ONE LILANGENI in support of its work. This will be done through the partnership with Swazi MTN Mobile Money, which according to statistics over 90% of Swazis are registered users of this platform.
  • Products/Services companies donate at least ONE Lilangeni per sale of their products/services to SOS Children’s Villages.

Goals and Objectives

  • To ensure that every citizen supports SOS Children’s Villages through a donation of at least 1 Lilangeni.
  • Create & foster partnerships with proudly Swazi companies & institutions who will further be an extension for SOS Children’s Villages advocacy work.
  • To raise at least E960,000 per month as per the Swazi population statistics.
  • To empower Swazi companies and institutions to understand the work of SOS Children’s Villages and provide support through funding.
  • Mobilize the country’s citizens towards being socially responsible to the plight of children who are less fortunate.

Target Audience

  • All Swazi Citizens (Teachers, Uniformed forces, Low & Middle Income earners, Professionals, tertiary students, employed unemployed, etc.)
  • All Swazi MTN Money Mobile Registered individuals
  • Companies
  • Service Providers


The One Lilangeni Campaign will be a Mass Mobilization Campaign and will be implemented through three (3) key media platforms namely;

  • Print Media - Partnership will be created with all media houses who will be the vehicle model for all media news, stories, advertorials, IEC placement and events coverage for the campaign.
  • Electronic Media - Partnership will be created with all media houses who will be the vehicle model for all media news, stories, advertorials, IEC placement and events coverage for the campaign.
  • A video clip will be used to show the value add of every citizens ONE LILANGENI in the work of SOS Children’s Villages and lives of children in SOS Children’s Villages (Placed on Swazi TV, YOUTUBE, WEBSITE & Facebook)
  • Social Media - SOS Children’s website and Facebook will be an active platform for the campaign. A hashtag to be used by all partners in their social media will be created and used across all social media platforms.

Key Campaign Messages

  • NO CHILD SHOULD GROW UP ALONE, will be the campaign message and the hashtag, #MYLILANGENIWILL 
  • GIVE A CHILD A CHANCE (To an education, future, his/her right, life)



Benefits/Anticipated Outcomes

  • Fundraising drive for SOS Children’s Villages.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration with companies and institutions.
  • SOS Children’s Villages Eswatini Brand visibility.
  • Provide nation with understanding of SOS Children’s Villages work and impact in Eswatini  

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