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Legal & Governance

MA’s Legal status: SOS Children’s Villages (CV) Swaziland is an independent, non-governmental child welfare organization and affiliate member of SOS Children’s Villages International. Established in 1989, SOS CV Swaziland’s main objective is to support and provide quality childcare to children who have lost parental care and those at risk of losing parental care.

2017 was an exciting year for the Association, as the General Assembly (GA) was constituted for the very first time, with members of the SOS CV Swaziland Association finally taking over ownership of the Member Association, (MA) and electing their first Board of Governors’. At its first meeting, the Board bestowed Honorary Membership to its former Board Chairperson, Dr. Irma Allen for her selfless contribution to the Association.

The General Assembly is the highest-ranking body, electing the Board of Governors who run the MA in between GA’s. The MA’s constitution is being reviewed in line with SOS International Statutes, adapted with local statutory requirements, a process that goes through SOS International and final ratification by the SOS CV Swaziland GA.

The Constitution has three key legal bodies:

  • The General Assembly: The supreme decision-making body of the Association and consists of all paid up members.
  • The Board of Governors: It consists of at least nine (9) members namely: the Chairperson of the Association, the Deputy Chairman, two representatives of SOS-Kinderdorf International, one Government Representative from the Ministry responsible for children’s issues and a maximum of five other persons elected for a three-year term of office. The Board of Governors appoints the National Director (ND) and runs the Association in between GA’s, reporting back to the owners at the next GA.
  • The National Director: This is the Executive Director of the MA, responsible for the co-ordination and management of the SOS Children's Villages Association of Swaziland.

List of Board of Governors:

  • Dr Themba Ntiwane (Chairperson)
  • Theo Hlophe (Vice Chairperson)
  • Banele Nyamane
  • Ms. Viera Hlatshwayo (Department of Social Welfare – DPM’s Office)
  • Lindiwe Nhlabatsi
  • Elias Ndwandwe
  • Judge Doris Tshabalala
  • Dr Mohammed Monadjem
  • Loretta Mkhonta (National Director)
  • Dr Irma Allen (Honorary Board Member)
  • Zenaye Solomon (Children Villages International Representative)

Board Committee Structure

  • Fundraising and Lobbying: Irma Allen: Moses Dlamini
  • Programmes Committee: Dr Monadjem Mohammed; Elias Ndwandwe
  • Audit and Risk: Banele Nyamane; Theo Hlophe
  • Human Resource and Legal: Judge Doris Tshabalala; Lindiwe Nhlabatsi

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